Bulk Tutoring Services For Corporates & Bursaries

Tuta-Me utilizes the latest technology to aid in executing bulk intervention to many learners spread all over.

We offer tailored solution & packages to corporate & bursary manages to help ensure that their learners achieve their full potential.

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Our Mission Is To Connect The World Through Learning

148 Subjects Available
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How It Works

We offer a simple service with a wide range of feautures which can be used by anyone. These four steps sum it up.


Download the app and sign up as either a student, a tutor or both. Set up your profile on the app and you are now ready to search and locate tutors near you.


Once you have found a suitable tutor you are able to book and schedule your appointments through the app. Best of all, the tutor will come to your requested location; be it in the comfort of your home or over a coffee at your favourite spot.


3. PAY

Our nifty E-Wallet ensures that payment is automatic and secure. No cash, no hassle.


Your tutor will arrive at your selected location.

With Tuta-Me, Finding A Qualified, Vetted and Affordable Tutor Is Made Easy.

At Tuta-Me we intend to transform the outside-the-classroom learning experience; whether it be a maths, guitar, mandarin, swimming, or even cooking lesson. Our platform allows tutors (a.k.a. teachers) and learners (children AND adults) to meet and interact in a seamless way



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Getting a tutor on the spot has never been easier. Book a lesson anytime, anywhere

Happy Users

Our platform is user-friendly, innovative and simple to use. It's a win-win situation for all

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The Benefits Of Tuta-Me

We believe that technology is meant to make our lives easier and less complicated.

  • Manage your own schedule with flexibility
  • Easy payment
  • Make your bookings anytime, anywhere
  • We handle all the admin so you don't have to
  • Easily accessible and convenient
  • Creates work opportunities

Who We Are

Tuta-Me was founded by two guys who believe technology is meant to make our lives effortless and less complicated. The pair of nerds; a software engineer and an accountant, combining their skills of business and systems development, are striving to create a 'Silicon Valley' in Africa.

Why We Do This

We believe that education and learning is the one single driver that will move South Africa forward. We strive to make learning more affordable and accessible to all learners of all backgrounds.

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