Mobi-Tuta is an online learning platform developed for Grade 10-12 learners. Mobi-Tuta encourages learners to take their learning home by giving them the support they need for independent learning. Mobi-Tuta gives learners access to CAPS-aligned content, tests + quizzes, past papers, videos, digital textbooks and an online tutor across available subjects.


1. Register

Learners will receive logins details. The details include a username & password. Each learner will have a unique set of credentials to access the platform.

2. Subjects

Mobi-Tuta offers 11 different subjects. Learners will have access to all subjects on the platform and choose which subjects to enroll in.


Learners from grade 10-12 are given access to CAPS aligned content

3. Learning

Learners have access to a variety of learning tools like quizzes, videos and tests. Learners will also be able to get help from online tutors.

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