We work with many corporates to help support their scholarship students in their academic journeys through tutoring and counselling. Each student is allocated a pre-determined number of sessions that Optimi Workplace helps facilitate. Students book tutoring or counselling sessions on the Tuta-Me app, which helps us track and report student activity. Our tutors are located across South Africa and are professionals in the fields they tutor.

Tuta-Me offers both online and offline tutoring. Our offline, face-to-face sessions take place in neutral environments, e.g., lecture halls, libraries etc., to ensure student safety and tutor protection. Our online, face-to-face lessons take place via Skype, Zoom or WhatsApp video calls. The selection of the platform is at the discretion of the student and their tutor to ensure that the process is as convenient and accessible as possible.

How it works

1. Register

Students register on the Tuta-Me App. Once registered, students have access to all the App features.

2. Tutor Options

Students will be allocated a tutor based on their location and specific academic needs.

3. Book your Session

Students book sessions with their tutors. At the end of each session, students will rate their experience.


Hours of Tutoring thus far

Number of students tutored


Average pass rate


“It has been an amazing journey. My tutor has always been friendly, understanding and approachable so I enjoyed working with her.”

Shell Graduate

“Quite simply, all my marks have improved and I know it would not have been possible without the help of my tutor.”

Deloitte Graduate

“What I like the most about the system is that I can do the work at home because I feel more comfortable than in class and It helps me to participate more instead of being In front of my peers as am shy.”

Honeywell Gradute

Your Title Goes Here

My tutor is the best, he is so patient and explains things thoroughly. You can tell he cares about helping students have a better experience. I would recommend my tutor to other students, especially first year.

– Shell Graduate

Your Title Goes Here

I got a lot of help with my reports. My tutor really gave me good guidance. They showed me things I wouldn’t have even thought about.

– Seriti Graduate

Your Title Goes Here

My process marks have improved significantly. I am sure I would not have achieved what I did if it were not for my tutor’s help.

– Honeywell Gradute

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