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About Us

Founded in 2015, Tuta-Me initially specialized in connecting students who need academic assistance with highly qualified tutors who can provide it. However, since then we have grown to serve a greater need than just being the “Uber” of tutoring. Today we serve high school and university students via online and face-to-face tutoring. Our modus operandi may have changed however our commitment to making professional and impactful tutoring accessible to students across South Africa hasn’t.

Tuta-Me is an offering of Optimi Workplace, a division of Optimi Group.

Our Offering


We work with a myriad of corporates to help support their bursars in their academic journeys through tutoring. Each learner gets a pre-determined number of sessions that we help facilitate. Learners book sessions on the Tuta-Me app that helps us track and report on learner activity. Our tutors are located across South Africa and are professionals in the fields they tutor.


Mobi-Tuta is an online learning programme for High School learners. Tuta-Me developed an online platform that aims to promote independent learning and deeper understanding. The platform gives learners access to CAPS aligned content, notes, past papers, videos, textbooks and an online tutor from 4pm – 8pm until the end of the school year this year.


Our tutors are situated across South Africa, in a variety of industries. From medicine to finance, our tutors offer more than academic assistance to their students, they also give students insight into their chosen careers.


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